Setting My Travel Goals

So I’ve been pondering this idea for a while, and have finally decided to go ahead and set some travel goals for myself. I’m hoping by defining these and writing them down, it will challenge me to find creative ways to travel hack my way to accomplishing these goals. I have started my list below of the things I want to try, see and experience. This will serve as a running list that I will update as I accomplish these and come up with more things I want to see and do!

My goal: Accomplish at least 10 of these by my 50th birthday.

  1. Hike up to Machu Picchu, Peru.
  2. Learn Salsa dancing.
  3. Watch the sunrise at Haleakala National Park, Hawaii
  4. Volunteer on adventures with disabled veterans.
  5. See the Northern Lights.
  6. Take a cooking class and tour a vineyard in Tuscany.
  7. Hike on a glacier.
  8. Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand.
  9. Volunteer at a children’s hospital.
  10. Have a spa weekend with my daughter.
  11. Visit Harry Potter film locations in the UK.
  12. Learn how to scuba dive.
  13. High Tea in London.
  14. Volunteer at an animal shelter/sanctuary.
  15. Attend a personal growth conference.
  16. Hike through a rainforest.
  17. Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.
  18. Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia.
  19. Tour Washington DC.
  20. Visit Mackinac Island in Michigan.
  21. Visit Sequoia National Park.
  22. Take a photography tour.
  23. See the Grand Prismatic Spring.
  24. Swim in a natural hot spring pool/pond.
  25. Attend a fundraising gala for a cause I hold dear to my heart.
  26. Go on a fitness retreat/vacation.
  27. Visit Lake Tahoe.
  28. Go zip-lining.
  29. Hike up a mountain.
  30. Take an RV trip with my family.
  31. See a space shuttle launch.
  32. Capture a picture of the stars in the night sky.
  33. Golf in Scotland.
  34. Visit the Magnolia Store in Waco, TX.
  35. Visit Petra in Jordan.
  36. Tour Buckingham Palace.
  37. Tour Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
  38. Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris.
  39. Visit Banff National Park in Canada.
  40. Volunteer on an environmental betterment project.

What are your travel goals? Make a list, and make it happen!

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