Hi all! My name is Cindy. I am a 40-something mother of two, and wife to a hard working, golf obsessed husband 😀

I love to travel! I have always found exploring new places and learning about them exciting. I dream of traveling the world, exploring different countries, learning the uniqueness of other cultures, learning about the history of the world we live in, and finding inspiration throughout this awesome planet. Doesn’t that sound awesome!?!?

I say “dream,” because my husband and I are not yet retired, so we have the issue of time. We normally only have a week available each year to travel. We also have two kiddos with school, and various sports and organizational commitments. Add to that a certain annual travel budget (we refuse to go into debt), and my dreams of spending 3 months exploring South America, or 2 months exploring the United Kingdom with my family quickly fade. Fading dreams will just not do anymore!

So, I’ve decided to put myself on a mission to explore as much as possible with my family and friends throughout my 40’s. I will research and explore different ways to stretch a travel budget to make more travel possible. I will also research and find different ways to carve out more time in our schedules to explore or travel. Last, but not least, I will research and find out how we can make our dreams of part time travel possible.

If you are interested in learning how to stretch your travel budget, and explore more with your family and friends, stick around! I will share with you what helpful budgeting tips and tricks I discover, along with our travel stories, and my journey toward making our part time travel dreams come true!