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  • Planning our 2020 Spring Break Family Road Trip

    February 18, 2020 by

    One of my friend’s recently asked me if I could provide her an example of how I plan out a specific trip. So, I decided to share my plan for our 2020 Spring Break Family Road Trip. Yes, we were able to find five extra days for travel this year! I’m super pumped! Below is a step by step guide to what I did to plan out or trip. Please keep in mind this is a tentative plan, as weather changes, life happens, and as I’ve learned, things don’t always go as planned 🙂 Step 1: Set Trip Budget, Travel… Read more

  • My Tour of the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida

    January 28, 2020 by

    I had one day to myself to spend if Fort Myers, Florida this January. My hotel was ten minutes from the Edison Ford Winter Estates, so I decided to do some solo exploring there! I opted for the self-guided tour ticket, which for an adult ticket cost me $25. They do have various guided-tour tickets available, but I decided that I wanted to go at my own pace. Especially since I was without kiddos, because they have a tendency to rush through museums at lightning speed 🙂 The self-guided tour ticket gives you access to the museum, the Edison Botanical… Read more

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